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In the same week that some people were getting rather carried away with Halloween and dressing up, painting faces, trick or treating and various decorations, even in a lot of shops, we held the ‘Light Party. This party at the church was to celebrate God’s Holy Light and Love and not darkness.
One of the decorations we see are the depictions of spiders with spray on strands to look like thick spiders’ webs.
Well, just a couple of days after Halloween I went out in my car and driving along our lane just a hundred yards or so from our house, there was a sight that was absolutely incredible. I immediately stopped the car, went back home to get Mary to come with her camera to see what I had seen. It was a bit nippy, but nevertheless Mary came out to see this spectacle.
The pictures we took are just a few of many including a video. There before us was a field that I can only describe as being covered with a blanket of what looked like a fine muslin crossed with a vast spider’s web. It was hanging on fence posts and even extending up the trees. A few of the regular dog walkers we saw all stopped and exclaimed that they had never seen anything like it. One of our neighbours, like us, came out with his camera to take pictures of this amazing scene. His comment was, “It looks like God had come out in the night and sprayed the whole field, trees and fence posts.”
My mind went back to the Halloween spray on webs that people had made and I thought ‘God is showing us His power and might in this most delicate display.’ How many cans of spray would it have taken to cover the area we saw? Do you think God was saying, “Don’t worship the darkness, but worship Me, the all powerful God of Light. You want to see a spider’s web? Well you’ve never seen one like this.”

Vic,Ray,Cathy,Mary, 21/11/2021