Worship Walk - April 30th 2023

Comments from participants:-

My first response to the idea of a communal ' worship ' walk was not to go!  I love the ' big outdoors ' and at best feel part of it when on my own...In this I was proved wrong.

There was space to chose when 'to share' or when to 'just Be', and when no particular discovery caught our attention there was still a sense of fellowship.  We enjoyed the peaceful beauty of a Spring woodland with people of like mind .

I think it was St Augustine who said 'Time is not a linear thing for with God all things are now'.  An interesting thought but for us in experiencing the present we know God’s Word says  'Behold I make all things new', so within Creation there is continual growth.  As we explored pathways on the walk we discovered new things and I thought of the sap which flows unseen through the Winter months and then we have Spring.  It is a wonder to me and is so like the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Spring Worship Walk in Ashwellthorpe Woods

by Nicki Waterworth

I was inspired by the sheer abundance of colours and textures in the woods as seen in this photo.

Worship Walk picture 1

And here is my interpretation of this beautiful scene:

Worship Walk interpretation

More photos taken by participants:-

Worship Walk picture 2
Worship Walk picture 3

Worship Walk picture 4
Worship Walk picture 6





Nicki Waterworth, 10/05/2023