JUNE FOCUS - ToolsWithAMission (TWAM)

Prayer for the month

Father God, thank you for TWAM, for the vision of those who developed it through the early years, for those who collect, refurbish, pack and send tools, and those who train recipients in their use.  We pray for your guidance, wisdom and protection for them all.  Please guide us at WBC as we prepare for the tool collection on 3rd July.   May the news of it reach many who have tools to donate.  Thank you that so many people are happy to feel that loved and useful tools can have a new lease of life.  Above all, we pray for the recipients of these tools that they will know a richer life, enabling them to serve their communities, earn money to pay for such things as health care and education for their families and find dignity and hope.
In Jesus' name we pray, Amen