Just a cup of coffee

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 The other morning I got up a bit earlier and decided to have a cup of coffee.  I started the coffee maker and just wandered off out of the kitchen into another room.  Yes you have guessed it when I returned the machine was still running and the coffee cup was full and overflowing all over the kitchen surfaces.
Now I admit that this wasn’t exactly the first thing that came into my mind and I certainly wasn’t feeling particularly spiritually anointed at the time but into my mind popped that verse from Psalms “My cup runneth over”.
As I calmed down and enjoyed my coffee I just thought what did the Psalmist mean, simply put he is proclaiming that God has supplied him with such an abundance of good things, far more than he ever asked for or needed and he is simply overflowing with his goodness and presence.  I was reminded that this is both a promise and a constant.  No matter where we are or how we might be feeling or what pressure we might be under our father is constantly blessing us way beyond what we deserve and our expectations.  I guess we don’t always see life like that but what God wants us to do is simply to look up and realise his abundance and overflowing love.  The other thing I noticed when my coffee overflowed was that it just spread everywhere and kept spreading until I turned the coffee maker off.  That’s exactly what happens our overflowing love has the potential, if we allow it, to keep on spreading to bless others .
So however you are feeling today read again Psalm 23 verse 5 – ‘You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows’  and remember to thank God for the abundance of his filling.

Vic, Mary, Ray, Cathy, 28/11/2021