Lone Worker Policy


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Issued 4.12.2020
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Lone working is not covered by any specific legislation but the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 apply.
The definition of a lone worker is: “Those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision”.
Employers, employees and volunteers have a duty to themselves and others with regard to safety and there is an increased risk to the health and safety of employees/volunteers when they work remotely from other colleagues or other persons and/or outside ‘normal’ working hours.
Persons at Risk
At Wymondham Baptist church people at risk may include anyone who comes into the church building alone and those who visit individuals in their homes.
These may include:
  • A potential for violence or threatening behaviour towards an individual
  • The use of machinery or electrical equipment
  • Working in remote areas, particularly after dark and outside normal working hours
  • Encountering intruders
  • Working at height, using ladders and lifting
  • Minister or Volunteers visiting an individual of the opposite sex in their home
  • Sudden illness
2.         Control Measures
All staff/volunteers will:
  • Not undertake work for which they are not trained/qualified
  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety, for example, use kick stools when working at height
  • Not do anything to put themselves in danger
  • Know and follow relevant safe working procedures and guidelines
  • Stop for regular breaks
  • Tell the Trustees about any relevant medical condition
  • Report any hazards or accident encountered
  • Always make sure the church ‘phone or a mobile ‘phone is to hand.  ‘what3words’ app downloaded on mobile ‘phone so that emergency services can determine exact location
  • Clock in and out with a colleague, family member and the church office when home visits are made, or visit together with a colleague
  • If visiting an individual and a difficult, uncomfortable situation arises the minister/volunteer should make their apologies and leave the meeting place.  If the meeting is taking place on the church premises the individual should be asked to leave.
  • When working in the church building alone the access doors should be kept locked – work programme should be previously logged with the church office by telephone or email
  • No individual is to access the church cellar when they are lone working
Wymondham Baptist Church will:
  • Assess the risks to all lone workers
  • Consider alternative work methods where possible to reduce exposure to hazards
  • Provide support as appropriate
Where possible staff should arrange to be in the building with others.  Key holders should inform someone when they are attending a ‘call out’ to the church building, in the case of illegal entry or fire in the building.  The minister/volunteers should inform a Trustee or another colleague or family member when they are on the premises alone and when they are leaving. The minister/volunteers should inform a Trustee or another colleague when they are visiting a member of the opposite sex on their own.
3.         Emergency Services Information
In the case of a reportable incident the Emergency Services should be contacted.  Dial 999, the following information should be given:
  • Name
  • Telephone number – church no.- 01953606520 or individual mobile no.
  • Address – WBC, Queen Street, Wymondham, NR18 0AY
  • Individual’s exact location on the premises or wherever incident has taken place, by using the ‘what3words’ app
  • A brief description of the situation
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