I'm Free!

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 Many of you will, no doubt, remember the TV sitcom ‘Are you being served’ and one of the catch phrases, “I’m free”. The programme was all about a departmental store and the staff that worked there. You may remember some of their names: Captain Peacock, Mr Humphries, Mrs Slocom and the store owner, “Young Mr Grace” who was at least 95 years old!
The staff may seem a bit old school now, but to them the customer was the most important person and they were there to serve.
You may recall the Christmas story in the Bible where Mary is visited by an angel and told that she would have a child and to name him Jesus. Look again at Luke 1:28-38. The last verse says, “I am the Lord’s servant, Mary answered ……..”
This is the first “Thought for the Week” of this new year and I felt we need to come to it with the right heart. What better way than to come and say, with the virgin Mary, “I am the Lord’s servant!” God is asking us to serve Him and as Mary did, to come before Him in obedience.
Father God is going ahead of us in this new year and is preparing the way for each one of us; we don’t know where or how that way will take us, but we have a faithful God in whom we can trust.
In Matthew 23:11 Jesus challenges us, to Him greatness comes in serving – giving of yourself to God and to others.
Serving keeps us aware of others’ needs and stops us from only focusing on ourselves. Jesus came as a servant. So, what kind of greatness do you seek?

Vic,Ray,Cathy,Mary, 02/01/2022