Spider's Web

Picture for Spiders Web

Have you seen something like this on a ledge or between the twigs on a tree on a frosty morning.  The amazing beauty of an intricately woven spider’s web touched by the morning frost, showing up every little part of it.  When I initially looked at it the old saying ‘what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’ came to mind.  There was no sight of the spider or any prey that it might have sought to catch, but even just touching it meant it stuck to me and was difficult to remove.  Is this what the old saying means?  When we try to be something we aren’t we get even more messed up. 

As well as prompting these thoughts I was amazed at the beauty of this web, created by a creature that isn’t really beautiful.  This reminded me that God can take us and make us into something of beauty.  As we look to the new year, with all the current problems and difficulties, let us concentrate on what God will do with us in 2023 as we bring to him ourselves that perhaps are not beautiful at all, but God can use us in wonderful ways to show his love to those around us.  Make sure you are ready and willing to be used.

Vic,Ray,Cathy,Mary, 08/01/2023